Freed Slaves in Memphis and Civil War and Reconstruction

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Host: Memphis Public Library and Information Center-East Shelby Branch Guest Speaker: Dr. Susan Eva O’Donovan
Date of Event: 10/15/2016 Time of Event: 12:00 p.m.
Registration Type: Free
Join the Memphis Public Library, East Shelby Branch as we present “Freed Slaves in Memphis and Civil War and Reconstruction” as part of The Birth of a Nation: Slavery, Resistance and Abolition National Lecture Series. Presented by Dr. Susan Eva O’Donovan, Associate Professor of History at the University of Memphis and Co-Director of the Memphis Massacre Project, this exciting program will focus on the Civil War and Reconstruction and will discuss the key roles of former slaves who lived in Memphis.

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7200 East Shelby Dr.  - 
Memphis, Tennessee   38125

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