Slavery in the Valley: Five Unsung Heroes Who Resisted

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Host: Jones Library Guest Speaker: Robert Romer
Date of Event: 10/15/2016 Time of Event: 2:30 PM
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Slavery was widespread in the Connecticut Valley in colonial times, where most of the “important people” – including most of the ministers – owned two or three black slaves. By no means did all of the enslaved people in the valley, some born in Africa, some born into slavery in America, passively accept their status as the property of white owners. Prof. Robert Romer will tell what is known of the stories of five who, in various ways, actively resisted and explain why it is important to remember those who lived here in slavery, the “invisible men and women” of our colonial past.

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43 Amity Street  - 
Amherst, MA   01002

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