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Host: Palm Beach Counnty Library System - West Boynton Beach Branch Guest Speaker: Jason Sharples, Professor, Florida Atlanta University
Date of Event: 10/27/2016 Time of Event: 2:00 PM
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185 years ago Nat Turner led one of the bloodiest slave revolts in the United States, and today its depiction in the film The Birth of a Nation (2016) has sparked interest in the uprising and its charismatic leader. From our vantage we may think that we understand intuitively such a violent response to the horror of enslavement, particularly when the outlines of Nat Turner’s story seem to verify our common sense assumptions. A historian’s perspective, though, reveals that this insurrection was unusual in its emphasis on racially motivated violence. It also shows that Nat Turner’s insurrection took its shape from “hidden histories” that unfolded behind the scenes, including in the slave quarter and in the church. A lot gets lost if we think about the violence of slavery and the political resistance of enslaved African Americans by focusing on Nat Turner’s rebellion without paying attention to everything else that was going on around it.

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