Birth of a Nation: Slavery, Resistance and Abolition

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Host: Boca Raton Public Library - Spanish River Guest Speaker: Dr. Albert Dorsey Jr
Date of Event: 10/5/2016 Time of Event: 7:00 PM
Registration Type: Free
I earned my Doctoral and Master degrees in United States history at Florida State University, where I was also a recipient of the prestigious McKnight Doctoral Fellowship. Before attending Florida State I earned my Bachelor degree in history at San Diego State University. My research interests include contextualizing the long human and civil rights struggle of African Americans within the broader framework of Southern and U.S. history. My minor fields are the American Civil War Era, African American literature, and Colonial Latin America with particular emphasis on Interethnic Interaction throughout the Slave Trade and the African Diaspora, and the trade’s effect on world commerce.

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1501 Spanish River Blvd  - 
Boca Raton, FL   33431

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